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A Human-Centered Design Methodology to Enhance the Usability, Human Factors, and User Experience of Connected Health Systems: A Three-Phase Methodology

JMIR Hum Factors 2017;4(1):e8

22141 15 78
Participatory Research as One Piece of the Puzzle: A Systematic Review of Consumer Involvement in Design of Technology-Based Youth Mental Health and Well-Being Interventions

JMIR Hum Factors 2015;2(2):e12

7289 16 59
Enhancing the Effectiveness of Consumer-Focused Health Information Technology Systems Through eHealth Literacy: A Framework for Understanding Users' Needs

JMIR Hum Factors 2015;2(1):e9

16071 58 52
Integrating Patient-Generated Health Data Into Clinical Care Settings or Clinical Decision-Making: Lessons Learned From Project HealthDesign

JMIR Hum Factors 2016;3(2):e26

5889 18 47
eHealth Literacy: Predictors in a Population With Moderate-to-High Cardiovascular Risk

JMIR Hum Factors 2017;4(1):e4

5693 60 36
Changes in Default Alarm Settings and Standard In-Service are Insufficient to Improve Alarm Fatigue in an Intensive Care Unit: A Pilot Project

JMIR Hum Factors 2016;3(1):e1

13776 3 34
Workarounds Emerging From Electronic Health Record System Usage: Consequences for Patient Safety, Effectiveness of Care, and Efficiency of Care

JMIR Hum Factors 2017;4(4):e27

12272 10 34
The Impact of Visualization Dashboards on Quality of Care and Clinician Satisfaction: Integrative Literature Review

JMIR Hum Factors 2018;5(2):e22

5898 8 33
Nurses' Perceptions and Practices Toward Clinical Alarms in a Transplant Cardiac Intensive Care Unit: Exploring Key Issues Leading to Alarm Fatigue

JMIR Hum Factors 2015;2(1):e3

17720 3 33
Development and Usability of REACH: A Tailored Theory-Based Text Messaging Intervention for Disadvantaged Adults With Type 2 Diabetes

JMIR Hum Factors 2016;3(2):e23

5209 106 33
Lack of Adoption of a Mobile App to Support Patient Self-Management of Diabetes and Hypertension in a Federally Qualified Health Center: Interview Analysis of Staff and Patients in a Failed Randomized Trial

JMIR Hum Factors 2017;4(4):e24

8205 44 31
Using Eye Trackers for Usability Evaluation of Health Information Technology: A Systematic Literature Review

JMIR Hum Factors 2015;2(1):e5

5847 6 28
University Students’ Views on the Perceived Benefits and Drawbacks of Seeking Help for Mental Health Problems on the Internet: A Qualitative Study

JMIR Hum Factors 2016;3(1):e3

11136 16 28
Testing Usability and Acceptability of a Web Application to Promote Physical Activity (iCanFit) Among Older Adults

JMIR Hum Factors 2014;1(1):e2

7964 0 27
Usability Testing of a Complex Clinical Decision Support Tool in the Emergency Department: Lessons Learned

JMIR Hum Factors 2015;2(2):e14

8524 6 27
Second Version of Google Glass as a Wearable Socio-Affective Aid: Positive School Desirability, High Usability, and Theoretical Framework in a Sample of Children with Autism

JMIR Hum Factors 2018;5(1):e1

11353 90 26
VA FitHeart, a Mobile App for Cardiac Rehabilitation: Usability Study

JMIR Hum Factors 2018;5(1):e3

5682 8 26
Perceived and Performed eHealth Literacy: Survey and Simulated Performance Test

JMIR Hum Factors 2017;4(1):e2

3184 3 25
Mobile Phone Apps for Smoking Cessation: Quality and Usability Among Smokers With Psychosis

JMIR Hum Factors 2017;4(1):e7

3182 6 25
A Visualization Tool to Analyse Usage of Web-Based Interventions: The Example of Positive Online Weight Reduction (POWeR)

JMIR Hum Factors 2015;2(1):e8

3177 4 24
Medication Management: The Macrocognitive Workflow of Older Adults With Heart Failure

JMIR Hum Factors 2016;3(2):e27

5099 11 24
Mental Health Technologies: Designing With Consumers

JMIR Hum Factors 2016;3(1):e4

4520 41 22
Using Patient Portals to Improve Patient Outcomes: Systematic Review

JMIR Hum Factors 2019;6(4):e15038

3889 8 20
Toward a More Usable Home-Based Video Telemedicine System: A Heuristic Evaluation of the Clinician User Interfaces of Home-Based Video Telemedicine Systems

JMIR Hum Factors 2017;4(2):e11

2993 4 20
Innovating From Within: A Process Model for User-Centered Digital Development in Academic Medical Centers

JMIR Hum Factors 2018;5(4):e11048

3653 12 18

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